We offer a well thought out range of services for project and knowledge management. In very practical terms, at the core of our services is DATA. We see data as the critical source of knowledge that informs Project Management. We use technology as an “aid” to harnessing, processing, presenting and archiving data. Our four (4) products below are developed and organized around data.

1. Result/Impact Measurement

We are a service provider of choice for results measurement among NGOs in East and Southern Africa region. We conduct assessments, baselines, evaluations (mid-term and end term) as well as strengthen results measurement systems for organizations. We are conversant with the main impact assessment frameworks including the OECD-DAC Evaluation Framework (2019); Donor Committee for Enterprise Development framework; anthropometric measurements and emergency response (SPHERE) framework. We are thorough and strictly ethical in our approach to impact measurement.

We also support institutional capacity development for impact measurement. To ensure depth in our focus, we focus on a limited number of technical sectors of development including: Education and Learning; SME development; Public Health; Food and Nutrition Security; Climate Adaptation and Youth programming.

2. Strategy Formulation

Using a combination of experience and depth of skills, Midas is a leading facilitator for corporate strategy formulation among NGOs and government departments. Our team of consultants is well conversant with the SCORECARD approach to Strategy formulation and they aptly use the strategy map to summarize even the complex of strategies.

3.Data4Decisions -D4D

This is a composite product under which we offer technology based management tools for capture, processing, presenting and archiving project management data. The solutions provided are versatile, scalable and user-friendly. Under this portfolio we have designed enterprise-wide web-based Monitoring and Reporting system; Grant Management Information System; one-stop business registry solution and integrated revenue management platform. We also automate basic business processes to ensure efficiency and remote support for field teams.

Some of the reputable companies in East And Southern African, that we have had the previlege to serve.

# Cartegory Of Support Client
1 Evaluation CARE Kenya (Global Fund Project). Fair Trade Swaziland
2 Strategic Planning Total Land Care-Malawi.
3 Proposal Development Africa Educational Trust-Kenya.
4 Monitoring Price Water House Coopers ( as program Manager for a World Bank funded Program in Kenya)
5 Knowledge Management System FAO and UNWOMEN in Malawi
6 Mid Term Evaluation of the School Book Development project. January-February 2020 The Copyright Society of Malawi
7 Data collection-including mapping of fields- for Smallholder Tea Growers in Malawi as part of a national database (2017-2019) UTZ (Netherlands)
8 End of project evaluation for a Mirco-enterprises development project in Swaziland 2019 TFair Trade Swaziland. 2013
9 Design and deployment of a Grant Information Management System (Dec 2018-Feb 2019). Malawi Tilitonse Foundation Malawi
10 End of project Evaluation. Tilitonse Fund. 2017
11 Project Evaluation- applied research Danish Refugee Council, Somalia
12 Evaluation of a MEAL capacity- building project. 2016 IFRC-East Africa and Oceania
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