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Midas Management Concepts is a Knowledge and Project Management company established to support clients in planning, executing, measuring and learning from and during project management, especially in the public non-profit space. Our chief focus and commitment is to support Impact/Results Measurement for scale, learning and accountability. We also design and deploy appropriate ICT4D tools and platforms to help anticipate, harness and use lessons learnt to improve project delivery. We provide support for business process automation to help harness quality data for decision-making. The company was born out of a conviction that social development projects can deliver optimal value for investment if intentional learning and versatile management tools are deliberately used in the project management cycle. We also facilitate Strategy Formulation for the non profit sector as a basis for corporate or enterprise-wide Results/Impact Measurement.

Midas Management Concepts

At Midas, we see a project as a logical interplay of actions aimed at achieving a determined end. Project Management is a set of replicable actions that transform inputs to outputs -while controlling attendant risks- to realize the expected end. Knowledge Management is simply a disciplined process of collecting, analyzing, sharing, storing and applying learning from a specific environment. We see knowledge as the latent power of imagination translated into action. It is the invisible asset that drives enterprises. Though priceless, enterprise knowledge is easily lost through routine business process

midas management concepts


  • Strengthening of Results Measurement System
  • Third Party Monitoring Services
  • Data Quality Assessment
  • Training and capacity building
  • Knowledge Management Platforms
  • Project Evaluations
  • Assessments, Project Performance Reviews

  • Scorecard approach
  • Strategy Mapping

  • Web Based Monitoring Platform
  • Web based Integrated Revenue Management Platform
  • Web based HR Management Platform
  • Any essential business process automation

Range Of Options For Accessing Our Products & Services

Midas has 3 approaches through which clients can enjoy our products: Consultancy, Technical Advisory Services , and Training.

Consultancy approach is described as short term (up to 3 months) assignments.

The Technical Advisory Services approach refers to a medium to long term contractual relationship with a client. This includes retainer contracts as well as strategic vendor services for specific project management components.

Training Services are those offered to clients through a logical instruction methodology and for a specific topic. All our products are available through one or a combination of these three approaches. The table below gives more details.

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